STELLA is a computer modeling program created by isee systems Inc. and used by scientists to show Earth's systems.

Download the STELLA application (trial version) or view STELLA models for classrooom use.

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Modeling Exercises

Computer Modeling - Introduction to STELLA
Students will be introduced to the STELLA computer modeling program.
Growing Grains: Behavior Over Time
One Grain of Rice serves as a vehicle for explaining doubling and behavior over time, in this introduction to basic systems thinking.
Waging War: Feedback Loops
After reading The War with Grandpa by Robert Kimmel Smith, students discuss the dynamics observed in the story, learn what feedback loops are and how they can be used to describe dynamics and solve problems.
System Interactions: The Lorax and the Truffula Tree
After reading The Lorax, students discuss the interrelationships of the characters in the story and create a causal loop diagram, so as to further understand the nature of systems interactions and their use in problem solving.
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