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WeatherLink Software Settings

WeatherLink software was pre-installed and tested on your weather computer prior to shipping.
However, if the WeatherLink application becomes corrupted, then you may need to reinstall.

You may need to reset reporting units (for example, miles-per-hour for wind speed rather than kilometers). You'll set Fahrenheit rather than Celsisus. Etc.

You will reset the time interval between automated weather reports. You will also enter the Internet settings that make it possible for your local weather to be sent over the Internet and archived

Before following the instructions below, please review the Weather console setup.

Weather parameter software settings

  1. Launch the WeatherLink application. There is an alias either on your desktop or in the dock.
  2. Select the pulldown menu "Setup" and choose "Walk through ..."
    • If this is the first time WeatherLink is launched, then you'll be taken directly to "Walk through".
  3. Use the following units when prompted:
    • Fahrenheit (not Celsius)
    • Miles-per-hour (not Kilometers)
    • Feet / inches (not meters)
  4. Create a weather station named like this "FAI-Fairbanks". Use the three-letter identifier for your local airport (all CAPITAL LETTERS), then dash, then your community name. Here's another example: "WMO-White Mountain". Here are the airport abbreviations: KTS, DIO, ELI, GAM, GLV, KKA, SVA, SKK, SHH, SMK, WBB, TLA, UNK, WAA, WMO.
  5. Weather station type: Vantage Pro
  6. You do not need to set your latitude/longitude (these are already in our main database).
  7. You must set your altitude.
  8. Archive interval 30 minutes. (This is how often weather data is downloaded from the console's data logger to the computer's hard drive.)

Download, modify and rename an upload file

  1. WeatherLink uses a file to format and send weather data to the Science Observation Network (SON).
  2. This special file has been formatted specially for the SON. You must install this special file.
  3. This special file (known as an XML file) must be on your computer hard drive in a specific location.
  4. Download this file XXX.htx. This file is NOT intended for viewing in a web browser.
  5. Save the XXX.htx file here: User Account> WLink folder > Sample Templates folder.
  6. Rename the XXX.htx file. Replace the XXX with the three-letter identifier for your community.
  7. You'll need this file when you setup the Internet software settings (next step).

Internet software settings

Three main internet settings: template file to upload, interval to upload, and where to upload.

  1. File to Upload > Data Upload Profile. Click button "Select Template Files" and locate the XXX.htx file (which you should have already re-named something like "GAM.htx" or "SVA.htx", etc.
    • Set the time to 11 a.m.
    • Check "Download First".
    • Leave blank "Report Files to Upload" and leave images blank.

  1. Set your weather station.

Internet settings

Set your ftp connection. "acm" is correct for all weather stations.

Set archive interval.

Communications port


This page last updated February 21, 2007