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WeatherLink Software Installation

WeatherLink software was pre-installed and tested on your weather computer prior to shipping.
However, if the WeatherLink application becomes corrupted, then you may need to reinstall.

Software package

  • The commercial WeatherLink package includes CD-ROM, data logger and USB cable.
    Installation of the data logger and USB cable are covered in Weather Console Setup.
  • "Data Logger Drivers" enable console-to-computer communication.

Installing WeatherLink software

  1. Reminder: You'll be required to re-start your computer after installation, so you should save and quit other applications before continuing the installation.
  2. Insert the WeatherLink CD-ROM into the Apple (Macintosh OS X) computer.
  3. Install USB drivers. Double-click on "KeyspanUSAdrvr101GM.pkg".
    • Install the driver on the hard drive that has your operating system (if you have more than one hard drive).
    • You'll be asked to re-start your computer, so save and quit other applications in advance.
  4. Install WeatherLink. Double-click on "install".
    • You'll need the administrative password to install this application on your computer.
    • Suggestion: Use the default settings for each step.
    • The installation step-by-step screen shots are included at the bottom of this page.
  5. Install WeatherLink software update. See the WeatherLink support page, or click to download now.



Choose Install Folder (screen below): This was the second time I installed on this computer (so the screen shot shows "Restore Default Folder" as an option. You should choose the default folder (the applications folder).

Many people use the Dock for an alias because it's always there and convenient.

This page last updated February 21, 2007