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Weather console setup

Important — Avoid damage to the data logger — Unplug the console and remove the battery before installing the data logger.

The weather station, console and software are products of Davis Instruments Corporation.
Setting up the exterior weather sensor is not covered here (only the interior console).

How to setup the console

Here's a summary. If you want more detail read "Getting Started Guide", the manual that comes with the WeatherLink software.

  1. Do not plug in the console. Do not install batteries.
  2. Be sure that whenever you connect or disconnect the data logger from the console that the console does NOT have power.
  3. Install the data logger. The data logger plugs into the back of the console. Be gentle. The data logger is included in the WeatherLink software package.
  4. Attach the USB cable from to the data logger the the Apple computer. The cable is included in the WeatherLink software package.
  5. Plug in the console. Install batteries.
This page last updated February 21, 2007