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Web browser & Flash settings

Review browser and Flash security settings if you're having trouble viewing weather data and charts.

Web browser settings

A web browser (Safari, Internet Explorer or Netscape) allows you to view web pages.

  1. If you cannot view Google then your Internet connection is not working. See your network administrator.
  2. If you cannot view weather charts, then try using another web browser.

If you still cannot view weather charts and data, next open the preferences for your web browser and set the following:

  1. Under security settings allow pop-up windows. Allow cookies.
  2. Set the security level for your browser to "low" (find this usually under the browser's preferences menu).
  3. Under security setttings select "enable plug-ins" (also called "file helpers" and "MIME types"). Plug-ins help display Flash content. You're viewing Flash when you enter data or view data on this website.

Flash and security settings

Weather charts require a free browser plug-in called Flash to display.
Download and install the lastest free Flash plug-in.

If you still cannot view weather charts and data:

  1. Change Flash privacy settings. Right-click (or Macintosh control-click) on a Flash chart. You should see a popup menu. Select "Settings ..." and check "Allow"
  2. Open the Global Security Settings control panel and change Flash to "Always allow." Also enter "" into the trusted files location.
  3. If none of this works, contact tech support with the BSSD or e-mail the Weather Charts developer with a description of the problem. Thank you for your patience.

-- Eric Muehling

This page last updated February 21, 2007